Dana Linn Bailey is an American professional bodybuilder

Born: 30 May 1980
Height: 5feet 5inch

Biography: Dana Linn Bailey is an American professional bodybuilder for the IFBB.
Dana is the winner of the 2013 Olympia title for her class figure and is a popular internet personality. She first started her fitness journey back when she was 5 years old by taking part in swimming classes.
From there, she soon developed a competitive attitude and focused her attention on contact sports such as soccer and basketball.
When her college years came to a close, so did her sporting as a soccer player within the college team. This is when she started going to the gym to satisfy her thirst for physical progress.
Over time, she became one of the most popular female bodybuilders of the current years. Her online training videos are considered to be one of the most popular of any competitive athlete.
Dana also posts regular video blogs and training tips. All of these elements combined have established her as one of the world’s
biggest fitness personalities. Dana is an inspiring individual who’s goal is to keep inspiring and motivating both men and women to get in shape and be healthy and happy.
She runs a global fitness empire and was the first women in history to obtain a Pro Figure card in the IFBB. This shows Dana’s incredible motivation, self-discipline and drive.

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