Katy Perry

Katy Perry
Born: 25 October 1984 
Height: 1.7 m 

Biography: Katy Perry is an artist who was born in a conservative family and grew up under many restrictions. She completed her General Education Development (GED) requisites from the ‘Dos Pueblos High School’ when she was fifteen year old. Then to follow a career in music she joined the ‘Music Academy of the West’ where she leaned Italian Opera. However, she has an affinity to music and heard all sorts of music which her friends provided her with, even though those were not allowed by her parents. 
 She is outspoken and defended her desire to become a music artist and chased her dream. She did not achieve success at the beginning and had to face a lot of obstacles before she got her first major break. Many of her songs got shelved before she was signed by the ‘Capitol Records’. This was the turning point of her musical career when her album ‘One of the Boys’ turned out to be huge hit. Thus, she was launched as a singer and from that time onwards she never had to look back. Her next album ‘Teenage Dreams’ won the hearts of many music lovers and made it one of the bestselling albums of all time till date. It created many records and made Katy Perry’s position as an artist even more concrete.
 This singer sometimes writes songs and is even engaged with many philanthropic works other than her musical commitments. She is also an activist who advocates the rights of the gay and believes that they should be treated equally. Her Net worth is $125 million.

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