Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts 
Born: September 28, 1968
Height: 5feet 5inch

Biography: Naomi Watts is a British born actress, best known for her roles in both Ring horror movies as well as a breakout performance in Mul-holland Drive,
had just a few years earlier been forced to take work in embarrassing projects, including the third Children of the Corn sequel.
In 2005, she won a highly coveted part as the blond temptress in director Peter Jackson's big-budget remake of King Kong.
Before Fame She dropped out of high school and worked as a papergirl. She began her acting career with brief appearances in TV commercials in the mid-80s.
Watts had a childhood that seems fodder for a screenplay itself. Born on September 28, 1968, in Shoreham, England,
she was the daughter of Myffanwy, called Miv, a Welsh woman who wed the sound engineer for Pink Floyd, an emerging British rock band at the time. Watts arrived in a family that already included her brother, Ben, born the year before. Their father,
Peter, provided the maniacal laughter for the Pink Floyd track "Brain Damage" on the group's era-defining 1973 LP Dark Side of the Moon. By then, however, Watts's parents had divorced, and her mother struggled to earn a living as a stage actress. In 1976, when Watts was seven years old, her father died.

Watts dated actor Liev Schreiber from 2005 to 2016. They had a son named Alexander in 2007 and another son named Samuel in 2008. 
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